Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"I don't like carrying this bag because it's not designer."

Highs of the Day
  1. Eating "wishing seeds" with three girls during passing period so that all our wishes will come true
  2. Cheering on the 7th and 8th grade volleyball teams as they passed, set and spike to victory
  3. Getting to watch most of the first HS Choir Concert of the year--these singers were fabulous
  4. Hanging out with so many people in the YL crew after the show
  5. Getting a letter from my Blazer homie Erin Williams

Top 10 Things I'm Really Glad I Got To Experience
  1. Serving on a Mission Trip--far away in Mexico and the Dominican Republic and nearby in Indianapolis
  2. Young Life--in three different areas and at four different camps
  3. Being a Tecumseh camper for 12 years
  4. Being a Tecumseh counselor for Day Camp, Braves, Blazers, Warriors, Pathfinders and CILTs
  5. Doing things that are slightly terrifying like jumping off a waterfall and flying a two seater airplane
  6. Taking a risk and starting groups like the Gold Dolphins and Friendship Bracelet Club and inviting others to join with me
  7. Meeting so many of my favorite authors and hearing them speak-- Shauna Niequist, Bob Goff, Donald Miller, Glennon Doyle Melton
  8. Being in a sorority (SIB) at Hope College 
  9. Teaching 7th grade in a school that I love
  10. Growing in my faith in so many different settings-- the Green Cathedral, Delphi UMC, Dimnent Chapel, Willowcreek, Mars Hill, Common Ground
Top 10 Counselors I Wish Could Have All Worked A Summer Together
  1. Erin O'Farrell
  2. Colleen Drasga
  3. Michael Kraft
  4. Eric Glanders
  5. Sarah Fitzpatrick
  6. Maggie Shadid
  7. Molly Brunner
  8. Mary Brody
  9. Evan Frick
  10. Emily Westervelt

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