Sunday, September 21, 2014

"I like hanging out with you Miss Wright because 1- you're awesome and 2- because I get to be in your blogs."

Saturday morning I got to go to one of my favorite Cross Country races of the entire year-- Flash Rock at Northview. Over 20 different teams race which means that I get to see so many different YL and Camp Tecumseh kids all at the very same time. I ran into Maggie Kroeff right away, she was cheering on her friends from Guerin. 


I ran into Robby, Courtney, Ashely, Kate (all Session 1) and Tay Hoff (Session 2 last summer) around the course. I quickly found the HSE tent and got to congratulate Grace, Courtney and Rachel on their Varsity race. I love seeing how these girls take care of one another when they're hurting and support each other in love. They are pretty incredible. 

I ran into this Pathfinder from Tecumseh that I randomly became friends with this summer. She spotted me with the HSE girls and screamed, "Sarah!" as she ran over to hug me. This girl constantly has a smile on her face and is so friendly and fun. I feel awful that I can't remember her name though! Can any camp people help me out? 

Saturday afternoon I met up with Ryan, KCraig, Abby, Jackie and Diskey out at the Devoe's barn for Leadership. The coolest part of our meeting was when we all went off by ourselves for 30 minutes to rest and be still. I walked around the property, even discovered a little tree fort, and felt like I was back at the Oak Forest at Tecumseh again. It is so good for my soul to be out in nature like that. Being in the constant go-go-go of city and driving and appointments and meetings is draining. Today was a good recharge.

Saturday night Taylor Fischl and I got to hang out. She's such a gem. We met Natty B for dinner at Steak n' Shake and then Taylor and I watched The Fault In Our Stars. As always, it was good to be with camp friends.

Sunday morning after church I picked up Cami, Julia and Rachel, three Wyld Life girls, to go on an adventure. We grabbed lunch on the way down to the IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art) and the 100 Acre Woods. I've been here once before and knew the girls would have fun adventuring around.


It's basically a giant park with art projects just plopped all over the place that you stumble upon. There were a gathering of signs. My favorites were the Indian Tribes and all the "Pretty" ones.

Funky Bones, the location of Augustus Walters and Hazel Grace Lancaster's picnic, has got to be the most well known spot. The girls and I climbed and jumped from bone to bone.

We trekked out by the lake, swung from the tree swing, saw some Alien rings and had our picnic under one of the trees.

There is a basketball court covered in giant red and blue arcs that you can climb all over. We were a little bit risky as we climbed all over the place.

After the IMA I had one more fun stop planned. I took the girls to Nicey Treats in Broad Ripple, a gourmet popsicle place that I hadn't been able to try yet. We opted for Pink Lemonade, Sour Cherry Cola and Blueberry Buttermilk flavors.

It was a sweet treat to sit on the bench outside as we slurped our popsicles and people watched in the middle of Broad Ripple. I loved getting to hang out with these three sweet girls all afternoon.

All weekend long I got pictures from more Varsity Friendship Braceleters that got their frockets in the mail! Ellyn, Hallie, Julia, Kristen and Lauren, Allison and Matt are all stoked to be in the gang.

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