Friday, September 19, 2014

"Sometimes I'm really impressed with the way my thigh muscles look in pictures."

Friday started early with Cold Tangerines at Elise's house. The girls ate donuts while we talked about friendship and living out God's love. I'm so encouraged by this group and the ways that they love one another.

After school Audrey and I drove over to the HS to pick up Grace, Hope and Katy P to hang out. We were ready to fill up our Friday with fun. Each of us picked something to do that afternoon including getting ice-cream and hunting through Goodwill aisles for the perfect find.

I'm pretty positive I'd have fun with this group no matter what we were doing. Grace constantly rolled out her legs, Katy was our DJ, Audrey tells stories, Hope has the best commentary.

We dropped off Hope at home so she could go to her family's birthday dinner for Cecilia. We got to see the Birthday Queen herself for a little bit and we attempted to do a should stand. It didn't really happen, but I'm thankful she didn't pee her pants while she was on my shoulders.

We feasted at Olive Garden so Grace could carbo load before her big meet tomorrow. Everyone took turn asking meal questions-- Who is your current friend crush? If you had to get married today who would you pick? What's one of your regrets in the last month? What's something you're really proud of and something you wish you were better at? At the end of dinner I pulled out new bracelets for Grace and Katy because their old ones are fraying and they still religiously wear them every day. They're the best.

Don't you just love how Fridays hold so much potential for the whole weekend ahead?

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