Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Today's Lists

Highs of the Day:
  1. People's #tecumsehtuesday posts
  2. Passing out something special that will be unveiled on Thursday
  3. Getting a bday party invite to Sky Zone from a really sweet camper
  4. Seeing Katie, Linc and Red one more time before they headed out of town
  5. Lily running over to see me when she spotted me before her race
  6. Walking around the course with Elissa, Sarah Platt and Lucy
  7. Having dinner with Emily and Rachel 

Top 10 Favorite YL Events of the Year:

  1. All City Club
  2. One on Ones at Camp
  3. The Opera at Young Life Camp
  4. The first Club at Camp
  5. Wyld Life Lock Out
  6. Winter/Fall Weekend
  7. Love Tank Campaigners
  8. Dance Party Club
  9. Summit weekend with leaders from IN and KY
  10. Cabin reunions 

10 Things On A Counselor's Bucket List At Tecumseh:

  1. Ride in the horse parade
  2. Be a counselor for every unit
  3. Get voted for Walk The Plank
  4. Sleep out at Ghost Cabin
  5. Win a weekly award from the pool/lake/CAC
  6. Be a coordinator
  7. Earn your 3rd Year Green Jacket
  8. Be Buffalo Queen
  9. Be a Y-M C-A cheerleader at Opening or Closing Campfire
  10. Teach a clinic that performs at Closing Campfire
10 People That Have Taught Me About Living Life To The Full
  1. Taylor Porter
  2. Annie Fazzio
  3. Lani Pickard
  4. Kelly Wentland
  5. Grace Andritsch
  6. Julia Plant
  7. Sarah Mooney
  8. Maggie Shadid
  9. Sarah Battaglia
  10. Allison Stamer

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