Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"I mean she's really, really nice... but I just don't think she's weird enough to want to be my friend and do weird things like eat gross foods."

This afternoon I got to go to one of my favorite Cross Country meets of the whole season-- all of the Hamilton County schools race against once another. I got to see girls from HSE, Geurin and Carmel all at once. I love watching them race and getting to cheer them on. Darian plays soccer for Carmel and their coach always has them show up in support at this race. We always make sure to see each other here.

My friend Rachel, from Session 1 CILTs, is a rock star because she plays soccer and runs for her school. Tonight she got to race for the Varsity team and I loved getting to see her. 

As the teams ran by I saw more people I didn't even realize would be there like Chloe Laplante, Frances Miller, Rebekah Nagy, Sydney Smith and Olivia Benz--they're all awesome. Cross Country takes grit, perseverance, determination and mental strength. These athletes run year round and put in an incredible amount of miles.

The best part of tonight's meet was that I got to hang out with my friend Grace the whole time. She's a Varsity runner but because of an injury she wasn't racing tonight. Instead we ran around the course together to cheer people on. Grace is one of my favorite human beings and I hope I can grow up to be just like her.

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