Monday, September 15, 2014

Young Life Community

I flashed back to my middle school youth group days tonight at Young Life. Once a large number of kids arrived, Ryan had us all circle up to play Little Sally Walker. Oh. My. Goodness. I wish I could have videotaped some of these kids' and leaders' dance moves. Most of the time we talk about serious stuff at Campaigners, but sometimes you've got to make time for silly. 

I loved watching people play this game together. You had the handful of people that were totally stoked and ready to jump right out there and be the center of attention. Karl was fantastic, Conner busted out the moonwalk and Ryan did his signature dance move. Sometimes you just have to go for it even if you risk being seen as a little bit silly right?

I love seeing all of these friends at the start of every week. I'll get to see some of them through out the week at games or dinner dates-- but this is the place where we all meet up, recharge and get filled. I love this time together. There's a group chat with our Junior and Senior HS Wyld Life leaders that is blowing up my phone every day. Tonight they were all saying some pretty profound things...

Thanks for accepting me so quickly. It took me so long to join because I was afraid I was a bad role model for the kids and I thought I didn't know enough about Christ to lead kids to him. But you guys have been nothing but awesome and it is strengthening my faith so much.

I love you all and respect you so much.

I love doing life with you guys. I'm so blessed to call you guys my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Blessed to have been slapped in this group with y'all. Thanks for welcoming me into the YL family so well. I feel at home with you guys and I know I'm supposed to be here.

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