Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Yes, there's a hoop skirt. And pockets. Got it from David's!"

Saturday afternoon I road tripped to Brazil, Indiana with a detour to pick up Molly Henry on the way. Today our good camp friends Alex Allison and Rachel Conrad got married. The ceremony and reception were out at Rachel's grandparents farm and it was such a beautiful day. Our camp friends took up two rows of seats. We loved the flower girls that dumped petals and wandered around. Olli stood up on the chair to get a better view and "conducted" the music as everyone entered. 

Rachel looked gorgeous and Alex was dapper. The best part was right before Alex could kiss the bride he turned around, put on chapstick and then went in for the kiss. Such an Alex move. Ellyn is their official third wheel so of course she got a seat on the aisle and the first picture with the newly married couple.

I grew up as a camp kid going to counselors' weddings with my parents. Once I was part of the staff I started going to the weddings of my co-counselors. Over and over again I see proof that there ain't no wedding like a Camp T wedding. I love this extended family.

It was so good seeing Liz, John, Brittany, Jamie, KJ, Joel, Nick, Tom, Katrina, Sophie, Olli, Ellyn, Molly, TByrd and Bri as we celebrated Alex and Rachel today.

The wedding color was Starbucks green and there was a Starbucks iced coffee station to match-- so fun right? I loved the mini cupcakes, dessert buffet, both toasts and the song selections for the first dances.

The Camp T crew all hung out together. We ventured out to the island and then danced in the lawn. When we didn't want to play traditional tag, Molly made up Look Tag. Whoever looks at the person who is It has to be It next.

Alex and Rachel got a sparkler send off and Ellyn took all the extra matches for her scrapbook.

This wedding was a great fix for being camp sick. Hanging out with all of these friends is the best.


p.s. You might have noticed Ellyn's wearing glasses. When I asked about them she said, "Oh yeah. My eye sight isn't that great, I'm supposed to wear them in class but I never do. I wanted to make sure I could see what was going on today though."

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