Monday, June 6, 2016

"A little birdy told me that you don't like conga lines."

At chapel this morning, we talked about living this summer in the valleys, on the mountain tops and in between. We'll find ourselves in all three places in the next two months as we experience highs and lows. In all of it, God's got us and won't leave us. It's in the midst of both the highs and lows that he teaches us, shapes us and spurs us on to what's next for us. 

The morning was spent brainstorming with CILT counselors and sitting in sessions-- not a lot to report yet but great things are in the works.

In the afternoon we had water orientation at the lake and the pool.

See those huge poles sticking out of the lake hill? I think Camp's building a new roller coaster. Scott Brosman says we're building a circus. Either way-- party 'bout to start.

After dinner and rest hour the whole staff followed Brother Nature on a mud hike. The mud pit behind the pool is full of new mud (they ordered extra when they built Wichita and Yuma) and they've got a new retaining wall for it. Then everyone walked back to the Richard G to rinse off.

The grand finale to the night was wooden name tags and ice-cream. 

I loved just hanging out with people, seeing their works in progress, passing out the friendship bracelet rope lanyards I make and dancing around the room. This is the most "hanging out" we all get to do together.

Tomorrow is one of the biggest days of Staff Training-- partner pairings aka finding out your partner, cabin, unit and village. Even though I know where I'll be already, I can't wait to discover where the rest of camp will be for the summer.

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