Sunday, June 5, 2016

"The best part of a hobo dinner is that you made it. So if it's really good you can compliment yourself. Good job Joel!"

We love matching shirts at Camp Tecumseh. 

Mornings start better with star fish stretches.

"Good morning Camp Tecumseh!!!!" -Maddy Wilson

"If you've been here for awhile you'll remember that there used to be a hobo named Bo that lived in the woods. He used to come out and tell us some stories but he retired to Holland, MI a few years ago! So I brought one of his stories today and I'm going to tell you about the Tree of Life." -Scott Brosman


While we practiced the Women's Journey skit this afternoon, Elijah got a custom made rocking chair play pen.

Ok--this is a game. There is something really cool in this picture. When you scroll down you'll see two zoomed in pictures. Can you find the cool thing before you get to the last picture?

One of the very best days of Staff Training is NATURE DAY!!!! I joined the Robins today led by Tom, Molly and Ellyn.

At the mini-farm we played Chicken Round Up. I've always been a fan of this activity, but for the first time ever we put chickens on our arms and heads.

Out in the Pine Forest we practiced hanging up hammocks...

Found the carcass of a dead raccoon...

Embraced taking pictures because Kayla Bacon, Kerri and I were all in the same group (aka the 3 people who take the most pictures at Tecumseh)....

We learned some tips about fire building and then each made our own fire.
1. Make your fire in the sunlight, not the shade
2. Collect at least 50 sticks
3. Fill the entire inside of the tepee with kindling
4. Make an opening in the tepee facing the wind so it will naturally be fed oxygen

We were watching Becky's mammoth fire burn effortlessly when we Kate next to her little baby fire said, "Ta-da!"

Did you know that Ellyn and I were randomly in the same group today? We love when that happens.

 Did you know that Kerri's favorite place in all of camp is the Pine Forest? She loves that.

We took the River Path all the way back to main camp and then checked out the Tippecanoe from the porch of the Lodge.

We took a quick stop at the Haven--the most nature-y sleep-out spot of them all. Here's a Kayla in her natural habitat.

We were just starting our way up the hill to the South Pasture when the rest of the Elliott family jumped out at us. Oh goodness do we love Katrina, Sophie, Ollie and Tre.

The most fun game of the night? Hiding in the giant blue tubs and then jumping out to surprise everyone.

Honorable Mention Blog Titles:
"They would've mistaken me for a 12-year-old boy!"
"There's no way they're just old lady bumps. When I'm old will I just be covered in bumps?!"

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