Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"I think that was my high of the whole two weeks. I love the rain and I love dancing and that was both of them!"

Today has been a day of rain and a day of fun. We started off by skipping flagpole and coming right inside for hoppers and breakfast. Chapel got moved into the Party Room with our adopted campers. 

We love these kids-- the CILTs, the Braves and the Blazers.

Lucky for us, our scheduled activities were going to be inside anyways. We had almost all the CILTs blindfolded for the Sherpa Walk.

The weather just kept on coming and we knew it would get worse in awhile, so we had the Compassion Carnival IN THE RAIN!!!!

Anyone's initial hesitation quickly disappeared when everyone was having such a good time while getting totally soaked.

Pima pals...

Counselor pals...

CILT gal pals...

Can you read their face paint?

We have the very most fun here at Tecumseh-- no matter the weather.

Kayla Bacon's pictures are my favorite

Choctaw gal pals with Sarah Wright face paint.

After an extended rest hour the skies cleared just in time for us to head to the pool.

Two more days with CILT Session 1
Two more days till Wilderness with my YL girls

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