Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dear CILTies

Dear CILTies of 2016, 

We can't wait for you to arrive. In just a few days you'll be showing up on the porches of the Longhouse and Brova. You probably are already packed and anxiously waiting to meet the rest of the people in your Session. 

You may have already figured out who the CILT counselors are-- some of the craziest, loudest, funniest, weirdest, most Tecumseh-obsessed people you know. Whether we've been your counselors in the past, or we'll meet for the first time on check-in day, we're anxiously awaiting our two weeks of fun in the sun with you. 

Probably just like you, Tecumseh is our favorite place on earth. There's no place we'd rather be than right here. That's why we've come back to be your CILT counselors, to spend two weeks helping you become the best version of yourself. We've got 23 collective years of counseling history between us which means we're experts at having fun and we are pumped to share that with you. 


There will be 40 of you at a time, 120 of you over the course of this summer. But we care about each one of you and your story. Some of you have been dreaming of being a CILT since you had one when you were a Brave. Some of you just signed up for CILTs so you could come back for one more summer. Some of you still have no idea what CILTs even stands for. That's ok. Wherever you're coming from-- we're glad you're here.

One of our favorite parts of CILTs is that we will become a family. With 48 of us you'll get to know some people better than others, but we hope you will come to love, appreciate and care for every single person in this group. In these 2 weeks you'll need each other, laugh together and grow more than you expected. But for many of you, these friendships will last longer than this summer if you want them to.

One of the reasons we love working with CILTs is because we get to share our faith with you. It's more than just our religion, our relationship with God has changed our lives and is our foundation. You're all at different points on the spectrum of faith right now. Our hope is that wherever you're at, you will think about growing while you're here. We want to give you the tools to keep growing on your own when you get back home again.

We will laugh.
We will dance.
We will adventure.
We will eat together.
We will sing.
We will learn.
We will explore.
We will love out loud.
It's going to be extraordinary.

 This is summer.

Love, the CILT counselors

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