Thursday, June 16, 2016

"Welp, that was probably enough porch time for the entire summer."

Thursday means sleeping in till 8, Breakfast in Bed, walking to the Green Cathedral with campers hand in hand, and all camp chapel. 

Today was a ground breaking day in the world of CILTs-- we introduced some things that have never been done before. First, using the tablets from the Trading Posts, all 40 CILTs took the 16 Personalities Test online and found their letter combination and percentages.

Then we all grabbed long pants and shirts before heading to the DC Pavilion. Did you notice how Todd and Ryan are practically twins? We're excited about it.

Tom walked us through the different parts of the personality analysis using the whole Pavilion as a scale from one trait to the other. Extrovert/Introvert, Observant/Intuitive, Thinking/Feeling, Judging/Perceiving and Assertive/Turbulent.

We would spread out based on our percentages so we could see how we as a CILT Pack fell. Sometimes we'd evenly span the whole space, others we'd be super heavy towards one side.

Then we also learned a little about what different combinations of letters meant in terms of the role we often take in a group and our strategy for taking on different situations. It was incredibly interesting to hear about ourselves as well as to see which combinations of people were in each group.

There was some time to reflect about what stood out, who we want to weigh in on our personality assessment and how we think this impacts how we lead others.

Then we transitioned from Self-Awareness to Servanthood. We had to opportunity to get our hands dirty in the Pine Forest. Many people have been working to preserve the trees in the forest, clearing underbrush and planting 1,000 new trees. People like Aaron Hutsell work tirelessly to take care of camp but rarely get any praise for their efforts. Leadership is often doing laborious work that needs to get done instead of being in the limelight.

We were ready in pants and long sleeves and soon each had a pair of gloves.

 All of the trees were flagged so we could easily find them. It was our job to go in an pull out anything that was growing within two feet of the tree. We gathered everything we pulled into giant trash bags along the way.

I loved the CILTs enthusiasm. We sang with the people near us the whole time, turning this dirty task into such a party.

We love trees. We love green corn. We love pulling plants out by their roots.

It was just an hour, but 46 of us made a big impact in just an hour.

I loved getting to work side by side with these CILTies this morning. Tom told us, "The work you're doing isn't for this generation, but for people 30 and 40 years now." It's so cool to realize we can have that kind of impact on a place that means so much to us.


We love our CILTies and adopted campers.

Michelle and Dan love doing check-in at the shallow end more than they love rest hour.

People talk hype about the blobs, but the shallow end is really where all the action happens.

Go, Lucy, go!

Lizzie got a ride from, "a limo on the water from Brave boys Cole and Andrew. We saw five whales, found a treasure chest and had a splash battle."

I love starting the summer with my gal pals Brooke and Lucy.

 I visited a special Brave girl ceremony this afternoon.

Repped the Tecumseh motto with Liz, Ellyn and half of the staff.

Thursday nights are one of my favorites because the whole village has a giant grill-out picnic in Main Field together.

I'm always so happy when the Warrior girls get back to the Riv to hang out with us again.

We got ready to visit the nursing home tomorrow by practicing their songs.

We played an intense game of Running Charades between CILT cabins.

Goodness these Choctaw girls make me so proud.

God bless-- without my prompting, the CILT boys arranged themselves and asked me to take their photo.

Classic The Wright Way pic for Session 1.

"Hey CILTs! Go pick up Liz and crowd surf her!"

Meet the Fugitives. 4 counselors. 8 campers. Infinity intensity.

Olivia is very proud of her battle wounds. Don't worry, she's fine.

LOOK AT THIS WOLF! It just appeared on the Longhouse sign. I'm a fan.

We debuted 4 Men On A Couch to the CILTs tonight. It was one of the most rousing game we've had in quite awhile--- it ended in a tie so we'll have to have a rematch.


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