Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"How do I get one of those? Thanks! How do I get 47 more of those?"

Today it rained. A lot. But rain doesn't stop the fun at Tecumseh-- we just find a new plan. So instead of doing team building at the TLC we worked under the Pavilion and inside Trader Jim's. 

First the CILTs worked in two groups to complete Keypad 2.

Next they came together inside to complete a mouse trap challenge.

When Neal added darkness as a challenge they were resourceful and pulled out flashlights and headlamps. Impressive.

Did you notice all of our backwards hats and glasses? We're all being Spencer Dees today. That's him front and center.

Ellyn taught the CILTs last night about his backwards hat, glasses, shorts, plain colored shirts and birks.

Ellyn and I just may start dressing like Spencer on a regular basis.

The time period before lunch was almost magical in the realm of lives overlapping...

2016 CILTs Lucy and Abby

1st Year DC Staff (2015 CILTs) Bridget and Emma

2nd Year DC Staff (2014 CILTs) Cara and Mags

DC staff arrived on Monday but this was the first time we got to see all of them. Lizzie and I were beyond thrilled to be back with all of our girls from last summer. This staff is phenomenal-- I can't wait to see them running around camp with their campers.

Lunch in the LV was a bit chaotic with overnight cabins, CILTs and DC staff all together at once but we made it happen. Plus pals like Lauren and Emma got to reunite.

 We got to walk the most beautiful road at Tecumseh on the way back down to Rest Hour Best Hour.

Well, well, well lookie here. #campmirrorpics day two. 

Back at the pool today with all 40 of the CILTs-- an unprecedented move. We invaded time with the Pathfinders and Braves.

Today one of my CILTs asked, "If you weren't a CILT counselor, which age unit would you want to work with?" My initial answer was to say Pathfinders because I love working with teenage girls, but then I'd really miss the Riv. As a CILT counselor I get to hang out with both the CILTs and younger campers.

Rather than going with adopted cabins after pop stop, the CILTs got to do two brand-new things. First we found our personal purpose statements and shared them with our cabins. We've got people Inspiring Joy, Cultivating Growth, Revealing Passion, Celebrating Life and Being True.

Then we did Phase 1 of Human Barometer. It's a new exercise to help us think about and grow in our self-awareness. This first trial run went better than expected and produced some great conversation.

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