Tuesday, June 7, 2016

"Life's too short to drink bad coffee or to cry over stupid boys."

There's nothing better. Gosh, I just love waking up here every morning. 

I also love this view-- pals all over the place.

We walked down to the Green Cathedral for a new chapel this morning.

Brother Nature got to be a revival pastor.

Then it was the moment we'd all been waiting for-- PARTNER PAIRINGS 2016!!!!
My pictures are good, but the video the media team made is phenomenal. Totally worth watching even if you have no affiliation with Camp Tecumseh.

They would put a name on the left screen and that person would run up to the stage. Then the other screen would flash the name of the 2nd partner. They'd run up to the stage and attack hug. Then both screens would change to the name of their cabin with the color of their unit as the background.

The whole time music was blaring pump up songs. It was amazing and the energy was tangible in the air.

As partners were called they then went to stand with their unit in each corner of the benches.

 This is the perfect depiction of how nervous Diggy was by the end of the night.

It wasn't a surprise to the rest of us that we were part of the 2016 CILT Pack.

Brova-- Todd and Mike
Hopi-- Grace and Naomi
Abnaki- Liz and Gianna
Choctaw- Sarah and Ellyn

The CILT pack visited the Riv counselors in the OT as they practiced parts of Gold Rush.
Meet the Brave boys...

Blazer girls...

Brave girls...

and the Blazer boys.

They tried some turtle walking...


log cabin building...

and speed tic tac toe.

You can catch me just walking with my best pals Diggy and Lillia. Another great day in the life.

The international staff taught us a new song tonight. It goes something like, "I've been everywhere, all the people that I've met..." Yep, something like that. It's going to be a hit.

I'm not sure how long there have been bible verses attached to the bottom of the table sign blocks-- but I love this.

Tonight we did something new with our partners. We heard different statements about things like clean rooms, valuing costumes for campfire, choosing sleep or socialization time, telling the truth when it may hurt people's feelings. Then each person moved their card closer to Agree or Disagree and then revealed their answers.

Ellyn and Gi were missing so Liz and I got to team up tonight. Going into our 2nd summer together as partners it was so valuable to talk through our answers, challenge each other, and keep asking questions. We know each other very well after being friends for 5 years, but tonight's candid conversation was maybe the best one we've ever had.

Tomorrow we get to spend the day learning from Michael Brandwein and then go to the Women's Journey. I'm sure bubbles will be involved.

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