Tuesday, June 21, 2016

"You look like you're 100 years old!"

Instead of hearing about the Rainbow Fish at chapel we heard about Rainbow Camper. She's the camper that knows everything about Tecumseh for years and years. When the littlest camper asks for one of her Unit shirts she doesn't want to share. 

But later, after talking with her counselor, Rainbow Fish decides to share all of her shirts with the younger campers. Even though she didn't have her Unit shirts anymore she felt happier than she had before because she had given joy to so many people.

Do you know what else is full of joy? DAY CAMP DAY WITH THE CILTS!

Liz reunited with her friend Melissa who will be here for all 7 weeks this summer.

I love this day because I get to see the CILTies and my campers from the past two summers. There are kids running and jumping everywhere. There's never a dull moment and time flies by.

Day Camp has their own chapel at the DC Pavillion.

Both the Rangers and Blazers got to paint CILTs and DC Counselors head to toe this morning.

The Rangers played tag at Ft. Disco and ate lunch on the playground.

Then everyone has free swim and swim lessons at the pool.

So much fun, joy, laughter, sweat, running, talking and smiling poured into one day. DC is the greatest.

And then RFAJWD happened...

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