Sunday, June 19, 2016

"Sarah, can you tell me about activities when you would or wouldn't wear the back strap on your Crocs?"

Week 2 of CILTs is getting intense-- drill bit and power tool kind of intense. 

WOODEN NAMETAGS FINALLY HAPPENED! Look at these kids' skills.

While everyone else checked into cabins all over camp, CILTs did their own thing.
1. Human Barometer
2. Debriefing Adopted Cabins
3. Mid-Session 3-D Vision Feedback
4. Partner Tackle and Savage Women

 We finally reunited with the rest of the Riv at flagpole. "LONG LIVE. THE RIV!"

Tom, the CILT, is an artistic genius. I'm obsessed.

Since CILTs were with Adopted Cabins I finally got to see Ellyn do clinic raps for the CAC.

Take Nature Discovery and you could hang out with Michelangelo.

Opening Campfire means finding friends from all of the cabins-- one of my very favorite parts of the whole week. I ran to hug Ellen Fazzio, Sarah Latona...


CILTies were all dressed up with their adopted cabins like Aleah and Madeline...

Sophie and Ellie...

and thank goodness that DC counselors like Bridget, Shannon, Cara, Brenna and Julia are finally here.

Liz was Coach Koch this year for the Harrison HS Girl's C Squad Basketball Team. Tonight Coach Koch coached the CILT counselor C Squad Basketball Team.

Welcome to Camp Tecumseh Opening Campfire Sports Edition.

I finally got to meet my pen-pal Darby. She's become my pen-pal in the last few weeks and I'm such a fan of her positivity and huge heart.

Ellyn is an honorary member of the Elliott family.

Claire Bradley from Choctaw week 7 last summer is back for Trippers! Oh my we love this kid.

The night didn't end here... so you'll just have to check back for the update tomorrow.

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