Monday, June 13, 2016

"It's not cannibalism, it's encouragement."

Welcome to the Camp Tecumseh Food Channel where today we were Cookin' with a Cowboy. Wa-bam! That's Camp Soup!

ELJ is always phenomenal when she sings at chapel. Today they introduced this new song When The Fight Calls that I'm sure will be played all summer long.

The CILTies got their first taste of doing something other than clinics. We spent the morning in the Party Room (our home all summer long) talking about leadership, going over adopted cabin info and 3-D vision, and sharing Life Maps.

We had a nice little visit from Yoga clinic when they surrounded us with Namaste. You never know what might happen in the Riv.

When we picked up mail from the Trading Post I was thrilled to get a letter from my friend Darby. I'd love to hear from you this summer! If you send me a letter I'll be at...

Sarah Wright- Choctaw
12635 W Tecumseh Bend Rd
Brookston, IN 47923

This crew of Session 1 kids is pretty phenomenal. I'm already loving their stories, learning their passions and seeing them get to know one another.

After we had the CILTies take pictures responding to different "scenarios" they gave some to the CILT counselors.

1. Pretend you just died

Liz said she shot me...

2. Pretend you just came back to life...

3. Pretend someone just paid for all of your college

I looked up during rest hour and 3 girls were using headlamps. I couldn't be prouder. 

Sarah and Sarah. Matching swimsuits. Two summers in a row together. People get us confused a lot.

We just may be bring back #campmirrorpics for 2016. There's not a definitive decision yet. I'll keep you posted.

Welcome to the first official pool time of the summer...

Afternoons for CILT counselors are for pop stop and walking around camp to visit as many cabins and CILTs as possible. We're living the dream.

I'm so happy that these two have returned for another CILT summer.

Check out those (almost) matching names.

If you didn't know, Brunner Runner Runner and Tom run this camp.

I eat dinner with a different cabin each day in the Riv when the CILTs are with their adopted cabins. The eating habits of Braves are always fascinating.

Child #1 ate all of the marshmallow topping first followed by the pile of sweet potatoes, that was followed by a generous serving of regular mashed potatoes and then finished off with more sweet potatoes.

Child #2 came back from the salad bar with this plate of cheese and pickles. Halfway through the meal she announced she was going back to the salad bar, "I'm going to get more cheese, cheese is good for you."

I love seeing the CILTs hanging out with their adopted campers. So many of them are realizing that this so much more fun than they had anticipated.

The CILTs all got their new neon CILT hats tonight from the Trading Post. It's definitely a rite of passage for these campers. I was thrilled I got to spend time hanging out with my gal pals Brookie and Lucy.

Ellen prepped a Power Point presentation to pump us up for something special the CILTs are doing tomorrow-- it's going to be a great surprise.

During shower time there was a loud knock at our door. Two Blazer girl cabins outside were waiting to serenade us with Let It Go, Let's Get Down To Business, You've Got A Friend In Me and Bye, Bye, Bye. It was awesome.

The CILT girls talked about friendships in devotions tonight. We thought about things like, "Will you still be friends with the same people in 10 years? Are you friends pointing you in the direction you want to go? Are your camp friendships different than home friendships? If so-- how? How can we actively love our friends instead of just thinking about how we love them?" We spent some time writing Love Tanks and after just over 24 hours together we already had so much to say.

In Darby's letter today she wrote, "I challenge you to be Brooks brave. Play loud. Play hard. Laugh a lot. Sing because you can. Try that new thing. Do something scary. Have a dance party--those are the best." Whether you're at camp or not, live like that today.

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