Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"Hilarious--you got the mail. Ha ha. I saw her facebook post wanting mail. She looked cute and she's in your cabin. So I sent it."

Warrior Love for these Warrior CILT girls. When the rest of the CILTs go hang with their cabins in the Riv we get extra time with these gal pals. 

Morning showers brought our 2nd indoor chapel of the week. My favorite part was watching all the kids in the room slowly start doing the hip swivels during My Lighthouse's "Safe to shore" until they were all doing it full out.

The CILT Pack made the trek up to the LV, practicing our new CILT cheer along the way. The more we practice, the better we get.

The 40 CILTs were broken up into 4 different teams of 10. Those teams spent the morning working together to tackle 4 different Group Initiatives: The Puzzle, Spider Web, Acid River and The Maze.

Look at this nature-- what the heck are these cool things?

Ben's group worked while he told them about the plot of different books and movies. They're confident that his long stories led to their great success.

Check out this phenomenal unprompted support of Wolf Shirt Wednesday. Very impressive.

Back in the Riv I quickly found my crew of HSE girls I've been hanging out with all week.

We went on a mission to find all the RV girls here this week from Fishers--15 of us! Plus there are at least 4 more kids, 2 DC counselors and 1 overnight counselor in the LV.

The Party Room had a Great Banquet table during lunch today-- now we've broken out of our cabins and eat meals all mixed together.

For as long as I can remember, one of my favorite summer camp moments is when the bell rings to start Gold Rush and all of the kids rocket out of every cabin in camp at once.

I was a bad character first, stealing kid's gold, and then became a CILT photographer as I ran back and forth between Main Field and the OT.

Later in the afternoon the CILT counselors and Ellyn headed up to the TLC to visit Day Camp Staff Training. We talked about CILT Shadow Day and Ellyn reminded them all about how to keep the CAC clean.

Oh goodness how we love this staff-- we're already so excited to go hang out with Day Camp next week.

Tonight our dear friends Alli, Erin and Kevyn came to visit us on our night off. They're are old partners and still our best friends. This summer has been so strange without them here with us.

I love that Kayla is back for another summer of Camp T.

I'm thankful to be rocking the Riv with Michelle and Jess this summer. They're two of the people who can always make my day brighter.

Maddy is up in the LV with her Pathfinders so I'm thankful for nights like tonight when I get to see her.

These women are some of the greats, main characters of my summer and my life. I love that I've been able to see each of them make their mark on dozens of campers and on their friends. Some of the very best friendships are built at Tecumseh.

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