Friday, June 17, 2016

"Are they shoe laces? A pair of sneakers? Is this some kind of anti-smoking campaign?"

Speed blogging because Friday nights are the latest nights...

Paige Walters is the coolest. Especially when she gets to wear footie pajamas in chapel. 

CILT boys are precious.

I love iPod shuffle on the way to Delphi.

Visiting with residents at the St. Elizabeth Nursing Home.

My fav girl Ruth is 99 this year! I can't wait for her 100th birthday February 12th.

Singing chapel songs and flagpole songs.

Hanging out on the patio and watering some of their plants...

It was a little bit too sunny for Ruth so Noah gave her his CILT hat. God bless.

Did you know the Longhouse front porch is one of my favorite places in all of camp?

We love Sarah Z.

Liz loves taking selfies on a regular camera.

Brynn is a ferocious reader-- she makes her mother so proud.

This butterfly is for Ellyn and can we all just appreciate how fun Bailey is?

Ellyn and Sar-- this is summer #4.

Liz made Warrior best friends this week.

We love Meredith and Frances-- what a great team.

Corinne is going to be at camp for three weeks in a row-- and this is her first time ever at Tecumseh.

CILT girls are the coolest girls.


Diggy and Matt are the coolest. I'm in their Fan Clubs.

Paige and Sar Theme Dinner Pic.

"Hey, Sarah! Take our picture!" I'm not sure why more people don't take advantage of this...

CILT PACK-- these are my kind of people.

Abby Hummels is my homegirl.

We love Ash and Ben.

Carly and Olivia make us so glad we get to be counselors this summer.

Welcome to Abnaki and Choctaw. Clean-up got crazy before I could capture Hopi and the Brova.

Friday Trading Post = Tshirts and sweatshirts

Friday Trading Post is the best one of the whole week because everyone in the entire village is there.

What will I do without Brookie next week? I'm so thankful for time spent with Aleah.

Fridays at Tecumseh are the greatest ones.

I will miss Bailey bug screaming my name and running up to me whenever I'm in sight.

Thank goodness for Rachel, Michelle and Mai Mai.

I got to witness Amy surprising Bryn while she was reading again-- it was adorable.

 Liz's love language in the Riv is playing checkers.

Best selfie ever taken with a boss? I think yes.

 The first Buffalo Queen of the summer goes to..... NURSE JENNY!

Since she's not here yet, David and Sarah got to accept the Buffalo staff in her honor.

The contagious doctor skit ended with the best Baby announcement in the history of forever-- we're so excited for Baby Seeger to arrive this December!

Irish Dance took things to a whole new level with My Lighthouse. I wish you could have seen them in action.

Sarah Ryan and Ceclia are two of my fav Pathfinder gal pals. I'm so excited they'll be CILTs together next summer.

This. Is. Friendship.

I was so happy to see friends like Alli and Chrissy tonight so are main characters of my camp story and my life. They are both so missed by so many people.

p.s. Kaya Bacon will do anything to get the perfect shot.

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