Saturday, June 4, 2016

"I was so tired that I went in the bathroom and did jumping jacks."

This is LV chapel. I couldn't have been happier to be back this morning. I love worshipping in this place, singing camp songs, soaking up skits and listening to wrap-ups. God is so good. 

This is Todd. It's his birthday. He's awesome. I get to lead CILTs with him this summer and I'm pumped about it.

This is my new friend Ellyn. We just met. I think she seems pretty funny. Hopefully we get along this summer. I think she's into crafts too. That's cool.

This is Mason. I'm in his fan club. He's working DC this summer but is here this weekend to work groups. This morning he got to have a breakfast date with Jordan. It was amazing.

This is teaching techniques. First Tom taught Ben to do the 6-stack of Cup Stacking.

Then Tom and Joel taught us how to tie knots with our shoelaces.

Brody taught everyone to play Trashketball while Jock Jams played in the background.

This is Running Charades meets Personnel Policy. I cried tears of joy when I found out we got to play.

This is Cayuga. They have a cabin cheer. And new girl Ellyn convinced them to make a pyramid.

This is Tag, FOTAY (Figure Out The Activity Yourself) and Circle Rules Football. We laughed a lot. We talked about the importance of creativity. It was awesome.

This is Matt doing an instant replay of his dive to do a header to score a point for his team.

This is almost all of the 2016 Team CILT celebrating Todd's birthday. Liz comes tomorrow!!!!

These mailboxes in the Trading Post are the first real evidence I've seen of Witchita and Yuma. These very first counselors and campers are so dang lucky to be making history.

Tomorrow is everyone's #2 fav day of staff training....

Do you think it's:
a) Women's Journey
b) Nature Day
c) Partner Pairings
d) Mud Hike and Wooden Name Tags

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