Friday, June 3, 2016

"I can eat these meatballs like potato chips."

Welcome to Staff Training 2016! The counselors have arrived from across the country and around the world. We've moved into our cabins, gotten new staff manuals and pinned on our name tags. 

This crew of wild ones greeted new staff as they pulled into the parking lot. Hopefully this just screams fun because we're all about that.

I'm more than thrilled to be in Wea cabin for the week with JLove, Robyn, Abby, Paige, Kristen, Chloe, Maggie, Allie, Mack and Holly. What a crew.

The camp tour included several run ins with nature, a swim check that almost did us in and a happy reunion at the mini-farm with Kristen's goat.

The whole staff gathered for the very first time at flagpole before dinner. As a camp kid growing up here, this day was better than Christmas. I remember looking out our window all afternoon just waiting for counselor groups to walk by. Then I couldn't wait to go up to dinner to finally see everyone.

Our media team this summer rocks. Meet Ellen, Kayla and Lauren. They're the coolest.

Wanna know another reason why you should work at Camp T? Our bosses come out in raccoon and polar bear suits while doing the running man. Just another day on the job.

Then all the members of full time staff introduced themselves and their family. These guys are the best of the best. We are so lucky to be able to work with them, learn from them and be encouraged by them all summer long.

Please notice Diggy's face...

Today I'm so happy to be reunited with my gal pals Ellyn and Diggy. Camp has been the place where I've found so many of my best friends including girls like them. Many of them have moved on to other adventures but our first and some of our best stories come from this place.

Opening campfire themes are always a creative exercise. Tonight the women of Wea honored the new Yuma cabin with some Yu Ma(Ma) jokes. There may not be a cabin sign or official Yuma counselors yet-- but we had to take advantage of this opportunity.

Yu Ma(Ma)'s so snack mom Costco knows her by name.
Yu Ma(Ma)'s hair is so curly she can sellout Annie on Broadway.
Yu Ma(Ma)'s so retro she's stuck in the 80's. 
Yu Ma(Ma)'s so hipster she knew you before you were born.
Yu Ma(Ma)'s so patriotic the flag salutes her. 
Yu Ma(Ma)'s such a good cook she literally invented pizza.
Yu Ma(Ma)'s such a soccer mom her biggest goal is seeing you succeed.
Yu Ma(Ma)'s so responsible she doesn't need no man to help her run a farm.
Yu Ma(Ma)'s so athletic that Lulu Lemon pays her.
Yu Ma(Ma)'s such a stage mom she knows your whole routine. 
Yu Ma(Ma)'s such a hippy that she could save the whole earth. 

These clowns. So freaking creepy. I wish you could have heard the scary circus music they had playing. 

One of the most fun parts of coming back each summer is getting to be on staff with former DC/CILTs who are now my co-workers. I've always been such a fan of Maggie and Rachel and am thrilled they'll be here all summer.

I'm so glad that Michelle is back this summer and that she'll be representing the Brave unit. She's got enough spirit, enthusiasm and positivity for all of us. God bless Peanut. 

I love that crazy outfits at Tecumseh are accepted and encouraged. Camp kids are loved just as much as campers. There are so many days when there are no lows and so many highs. Everybody is always invited.

When Abby's grandparents Ted and Lindra dropped her off today we got to meet Ted. We actually chanted, "Ted and Linda! Ted and Linda!" for quite awhile. Ellyn and Brittany showed up to opening campfire dressed up as our new friends Ted and Linda. Abby was shocked to say the least.

Camp T, I love you. So glad I'm back. 

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