Wednesday, June 8, 2016

"Starting chants for people is one of my love languages."

Speed blogging-- ready, set, go.

Coolest chapel this morning-- songfest with favorite songs especially You Will Never Run Away.

Releasing of the balloons as we sang, "Over the clouds up into the blue skies..."

An invitation to live out love all summer long.

Cheers to a great summer with my gal pal Grace Lachmund.

A day of learning with the camping expert Michael Brandwein.

Live Out Love banners, inspired by chapel, in the dining halls

Ellyn dared Liz to wear this hat to the Women's Journey.

Katrina rocks gender issues and the Women's Journey.

Renee is the queen of writing skits for the Women's Journey.

Stories from Mel, Jamie and Naomi about relationships and friendships.

Ellyn is a sporter.

We love bubbles and walking through camp.

The pavilion was transformed for the most elegant dinner at the lake you've ever seen.

I'm so thankful for these long time friends.

Songfest. My Lighthouse and hip swivels. I Get Down and squats. God is so good.

Back in the cabin we were talking about Love Does and Bob Goff when Liz said, "Well let's just call him!" We did. He answered. We chatted about summer camp. He reminded us to be rivers and not reservoirs. He's the coolest.

And high of the day-- hearing from my 7th grade girls Mallory, Ellison and Evie. They went with one of their mom's to pick up their friend Alex and go to ice-cream together. Love does. This is awesome. 

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"I got see his computer! And his cat!"

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