Thursday, June 9, 2016

"You've restored our faith in the greatest country in the world. And Brazil."

This morning in chapel Ellyn peed her sleeping bag... twice. But Molly's a champ and helped her clean it up. 

Katrina led a chapel about how God's love needs to carry us this summer, we can't do it on our own. It won't drastically change what we do each day, but it will change how we respond to people and situations.

Most of the day was spent with the CILT Pack counselors getting ready for our CILTies to arrive in just a few days.

Late in the afternoon all of the units reconvened at the Green Cathedral for our all staff picture. Lillia got plenty of people to sing Itsy-Bitsy-Spider to her.

Please note Diggy and Lillia's faces.

Mel and Diggy realized today that they both have known each other for years but thought that the other person didn't know them. They decided it was my fault because I'm the common denominator-- not sure that's fair. I think we can all agree that Ollie is the best part of this picture.

Sar and Ellie. Year 4. Choctaw. Scrunchie and corn rows. We're ready.

She's Peanut. I'm Sass (but not because of what you're thinking). We're both wishing that Smooney could be here with us all summer. Lucky for us, she'll be here in two more weeks.

Tonight one of the Board Members taught us a new word. Splagchnizonai. It's means, "To be moved in the inward parts, i.e. to feel compassion." He said this word reminded him of camp because of how we love this place with our guts.

We started River Village time at the Green Cathedral-- arguably the best place in camp.

We walked through camp thinking about what it will be like when this place is filled with kids in just a few days. I'm so excited to be back in the Longhouse with the CILT girls filling all three cabins. It's just the best.

We walked along the river to the Huck Finn Fishing and spotted this giant snake. Sick. 

We finally ended up in the Pine Forest where we heard from Jamie. This summer Matt, Jamie and Dayna will once again lead the Riv. We're so excited about this crew of counselors.

 It was a beautiful night for our unit sleep-outs. The CILT counselors set up camp at the new Brave girl Tea Party spot just past the end of the Bullet slide.

They've built this wooden platform so that 8 different hammocks can be hung around the perimeter. You can also have 4 more hammocks hung in an inner square so a whole cabin can sleep out together. Tonight all 8 of us-- Grace, Naomi, Todd, Mike, Liz, Gianna, Ellyn and I were all able to sleep out (I think that's the first time that's ever happened). We got to sit by the far, pick beads from the Sagamore Creed and dream about what we want the culture of CILTs to be this summer.

At about 3:30 we woke up to lightning over the lake and a radio call. The weather was North of us, but we decided to pack up since we were already awake and head back to our cabins. It turned out to be the right decision because the rain rolled in just after 6:30.

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