Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"Do you know Ralph?" Summer Mystery Trip

Today a dream come true-- summer extravaganza mystery trip day. Haleigh and I came up with an itinerary of fun for the whole day, invited YL girls and filled the 8 spots in our cars with Jules, Meric, Elyse, Mia, Maddie, Cami, Elise and Line. They had no idea what was about to happen but they were pumped.

We left from Starbucks at 7am with breakfast and tons of excitement.

I came up with an intense plan so we could change which girls were in which car so it changed all day long. Never a dull moment. I loved having new passengers, DJs and conversations through out the day. 

The address to our first destination was not actually correct. It took us to Ralph's yard instead. Lucky for us, Ralph is adorable and gave us new directions. 

We were a little off track, but the girls didn't care. 


We loaded a long metal boat down in the cave with our tour guide Sam. 5 girls on one side, 5 on the other. Sam had a couple powerful flashlights but for the most part, the cave was pitch black. 

Pictures don't do it justice, but it was incredible. The cave is 26 miles long but the tour just goes through the first 7 miles. We saw "soda straws" that have taken thousands of years to grow and are hollow inside. If you get dripped on it's a "cave kiss" and good luck. This cave was found after the pond above it drained over night when a farmer drilled through some rock. The cave started as a stream the size of a roll of quarters and thousands of years later it's this large.

We all loved Sam, our tour guide, by the time the trip was over. That's him with the double thumbs up. 

One more pic by the front sign and we were ready for the next stop on the Summer Mystery Trip.

Ellyn suggested that we pick Nashville in Brown County as our lunch stop. We visited Life is Good first and got $1 stickers for our water bottles. FYI stickers are a very big thing right now-- they're obsessed. The man that owned the store was so nice and gave us balloons too.

We went to Big Wood Pizza Co for lunch. Phones in the middle, Diet Coke and pepperoni pizza, some of my favorite people = best day ever. 

We had time to adventure around Nashville, checking out little stores, fun alleys and homemade ice-cream shops. 

We made it back to Indy just in time (thanks to country roads, detours, closed bridges, wrong turns, rain and traffic) for our reservation at the Escape room. Our goal was to steal the Mona Lisa and get out of the rooms undetected by finding clues, solving puzzles, opening locks and discovering keys. Oh my goodness it was awesome, stressful, exciting, nerve wracking and so dang cool. We didn't make it out but everyone wants to try it again someday.

You can never go wrong with chicken nuggets and waffle fries. Girls were exhausted after a whole day of adventuring all over Indiana-- this was quite the trip. A group of this many girls, eating all 3 meals together, always having something to do, a secret schedule and a feeling of whimsy made it feel like we were at camp together. We can't wait for Timber Wolf Lake at the end of the summer.

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