Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"Come to Uncle Bill's in Fishers rn if you're free. We're petting puppies. Bring my sweater."

Mail is the coolest.

1. I found a note with a friendship bracelet attached after a passing period this morning. That Brynn Urban is the coolest-- notes on desks are basically snail mail. I love surprises. 

2. My favorite part of the letter I mailed off to CO for Liz today was all of the Space Team commands on the back of the envelope. I haven't played in far too long.

3. I got a letter in the mail from my friend Ellen. She was my camper a couple summers ago and has become one of my most consistent pen-pals. She gets Happy Mail packages too so I love when I get one of the cards from her.

4. It's easy to just observe people's lives from afar via social media. But today I was inspired to send a letter to my friend Gretchen. We went to Hope together years ago and I still think the world of her even though we haven't stayed in touch besides liking each other's instagram pictures. Sending a letter felt more personal than just sending her a long text. Plus I got to throw a bracelet in the envelope!

Highs of the Day:
1. Making pizza from scratch with pepperoni and sun-dried tomatoes
2. Seeing the new movie Silence about missionaries in Japan and drinking a bucket of Diet Coke
3. Being part of conversations that matter
4. Ben Rector radio on Pandora
5. Ordering a shirt from the Gap because I like Smelko's so much and find out Ally Reid has it too!!!

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