Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"Thank you for always putting others before yourself-- unless it's time to get fruit at breakfast."

It's dumping day-- all the quotes, screenshots and pictures that have been patiently waiting are making it to the blog today. 

I was at an elementary school and had to do a double take at these yard signs on the front walk. I'm obsessed-- let's talk about self-awareness, working ahead and being efficient. These are fantastic and practical. 

Highs of the Day:
1. KCraig came to meet me with lunch and then entertained 6th period
2. Picking up "The Sun Is Also A Star" from the library because I've been waiting for it
3. Cheering on a 4th grade basketball game
4. Chipotle Party with free chips and quac
5. Planning a big adventure for later this semester
6. Racing to put together the US magnetic state map that Maggie Drake's mom made me

After walking around my classroom I came back to my desk to find this picture of pigs sitting there.

For a second I was confused and then realized who must have given it to me.
I said the girls name and asked, "Did you give me these pigs?"
She turned around, "Yeah... They're not mine though. I got them from National Geographic."
God bless Junior High.

Anna Morgan has discovered something awesome-- French Press Mornings. The artist makes all sorts of beautiful things, but there are verses that work perfectly as prints or lock screens on your phone. These are two of my favorites.

Last week I finished up the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown. It's a good one my friends. Here are some of the things I'm still thinking about...

Play doesn't just help us to explore what is essential. It is essential in and of itself.

If it isn't a clear yes, then it's a clear no. 

Smoon just posted this blurb from Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist that I love too...

"There's something I'm sure, about going back to the places you used to go to find the self you used to be. Maybe my long-ago essential self is more readily apparent here on these docks and benches and flaking chairs because so much of my life was spent here. Maybe that's why life at the lake continues to move me so deeply, because it draws me back to my past, who I've always been, underneath the recent shell I've been wearing-- achievement, efficiency, productivity."

This past weekend I was moved and inspired by Women's Marches happening across the country. I saw one up close while I was downtown but I saw dozens more through articles, pictures and posts.

So many men and women that I respect (people that I know personally and people I admire from afar) stood up. Most of them were not even doing it for themselves, but to say that the dignity of every single person is valuable and worth protecting.

"Revolution isn't just a part of our history, it's happening now." 

"The thing about privilege is that it blinds us if we let it... Change will never be made unless those of us who are in positions of privilege stand up and fight alongside those who aren't."

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