Saturday, January 28, 2017

"I came back and ten dollars was missing. And I'd only raised fifteen so it made me look even worse."

Dream Day-- a day when you intentionally make all of the very best things happen, with all of the best people, while eating the best things and wearing the best things

Smoon and I had one full day together (she arrived late Friday night) and we were out to have one of our best dream days yet. Mission accomplished.

1) Sleeping in
2) Fav Starbucks drinks picked up via the Starbucks app
3) Crashing the Myer's house to hang out with Mallory, Morgan and Johnna-- house tour, a stop in the tepee, folding a load of laundry, new marble maze for Smoon and laughing till we cried

4) Lunch at Taco & Burrito Place

At the start of the month Smoon sent me a text asking if we could go to this taco place she found in a Buzzfeed article...

Somehow when I looked it up and saved the location in my phone I found Taco & Burrito Place off of Keystone and 40th. It had great Yelp reviews and we didn't realize the mix-up until we had already ordered our food.

Lucky for us, it was one of the greatest lunches we've ever had. The owners recommended the steak and chorizo tacos and we went for the chips, salsa and guacamole too. The food was phenomenal-- you better believe we'll be back soon. I can't wait to take friends here.

5) Public Library-- seriously, one of the most underrated places. I returned The Sun Is Also A Star and put holds on five more YA books that I can't wait to read.

6) The Escape Room with Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Annie, Anna and Ava. A few of us had done Escape rooms before but didn't actually escape. We had high hopes for this team-- AND WE GOT OUT WITH 15 MINUTES AND 1 CLUE TO SPARE! Dream team.

7) Coffee and chatting in The Well with our Camp T girls

8) Sar and Smoon photo shoot of our classic poses

9) Rachel Phillips came over to play! Rach and Smoon became best friends on our trip to Ethiopia last Spring and it was good to reunite and hear about Rach's start at Taylor University.

10) The US Magnetic Puzzle Game-- when you come over to visit you get timed when you put together this map of the US. There's a leader board but we can't tell you the winning time until you've competed. God Bless America and Maggie Drake's mom (who made me the puzzle).

11) Hide And Go Seek-- When Rachel and Ellyn showed up Smooney hid from both of them and made them find her. Next time you see me, ask to see the video of Ellyn searching for Smoon-- it's golden.


We danced, we sang, we were mesmerized by Kibble's suit and his dance moves...

There was blind folded musical chairs, everything from the Macarena to the Cupid Shuffle and everything in between...

New and old friends showed up and I got to hang with gals like Brookie and her besties the twins Bethany and Louise...

I gave the Club Talk tonight about friendship and how I think God is calling us to be selfless, intentional and to show up for our people...

KCraig, Smoon and Ellyn continue to be three of the very best friends I've ever known.

13) Showing up at Lucy's birthday party with Smoon, Ellyn and Mallory to see the loudest gang of 7th grade girls-- there was more dancing, Pie Face, laughing and "21 slap lag"-- it was our kind of party

14) Driveway party with Brad and Johnna when we dropped off Mallory at home-- this family is just the best

Today was the greatest. If I had to pick a day of my life to live over and over again, this would be an excellent choice.

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"I've been to a wedding before... I got married."

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