Thursday, January 19, 2017

"This blog tonight is about to be fried."

We were sitting at our table during FBC when I did a double take at Claire's wrist. "Did I make ALL of those?!" I asked. Claire giggled and said, "Yep! 7th grade bible study, 8th grade bible study, trade from when I made yours, WL Bus Tour, National FBC day, 8th grade birthday and locker note." Now that's how you get a collection. 

The faces of Friendship Bracelet Club...

"I've been looking forward to FBC all week long. And then in every class today I remembered, 'YES! IT'S FBC DAY!' and I got so excited!" 

I've always loved FBC but it's felt extra special lately. I'm such a fan of all of these kids. Today we overlapped with the musical practice so we had some extra entertainment. There is never a dull moment in Junior High. 

There are about 15 minutes left in FBC when I got this text, "When you get home you need to take her to the vet because she had liquid poop all over the deck and she is puking all over outside. It's the dog. Zin." I'm staying with a YL family the next few days and their parents just left this morning. Nothing like an animal adventure to get this party started. (Sidenote: I'm not exactly the biggest fan of animals...)

I was apprehensive about loading Zin into my car, but Maddie was all about driving her in the Jeep. We put some towels in the backseat and Zin jumped in. 

Maddie is just a few days away from getting her license, but since I'm over 21 she can drive with me. I'd like to give her a 5 star review of her driving skills. (This picture was taken while we were still parked in her driveway-- she was picking music before she pulled out so she wouldn't be distracted.)

After a very smell drive we pulled up to the vet. Zin was still covered in her own filth. The clinic was not super pumped about taking in this pup who may or may not be contagious when the vet wasn't working today.

After a series of phone calls with grandma, grandpa (who used to own the clinic) and mom we finally worked out a deal. The next step was to get a stool sample to test for giardia in Zin. Maddie took her outside but she wouldn't go potty no matter how much Maddie begged.  "Zin go potty! Go potty Zin! If you don't go potty they're going to stick something up your butt!"

And just like Maddie promised, poor Zin had to have a stick up her butt to get some poop out. But she was still totally empty after getting sick all over the house.

By some miracle, they agreed to keep Zin overnight in the kennel. Can't you feel Maddie's excitement? But we couldn't just leave her smelling so horribly...

Maddie suited up-- it looked like she was preparing to go work in the Pits at Timber Wolf on Work Crew again.

Zin was loaded into the tub to get washed off. Maddie and our vet friend went to town soaping and scrubbing every inch of the pup.

Good thing she loves the water. At one point, Maddie and her vet friend were enthusiastically discussing the texture differences between all 3 of the Halkyard's dog's hair-- dog lovers.

Zin checked into her room for the night and Maddie hung her apron back up. We'll be back again tomorrow.

Then we were off to King Chef with my friend and yours, KCraig. It was like we were in a time machine, taking KCraig back to her childhood when she would go to a chinese restaraunt like this with her mom. She poured is tea, made us pick wonton soup and almost cried when her steamed dumplings arrived.

Meanwhile, Maddie and I are over here just figuring it all out. It was a blast. It's always a blast with these two.

Let the party weekend continue my friends.

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