Monday, January 9, 2017

"Lick this ring pop... Only 11 people have so far... And it fell on the floor."

Monday mornings are for the gal pals. I'm so thankful that I get to live life along side these girls, talk about Jesus with them, get visits during passing period and have a front row seat to see them growing up. They're some of the best. 

"Young Life is a priority because it is a place where I can be my most vulnerable true self. I started HS with friends who would say they believed in Jesus but didn't really know what that meant. I made it a priority to show up every week because this was a place with humans who showed me what it looked like to love Jesus with every bone in your body. Now I'm ending HS with fewer friends, but they're all people I can be vulnerable with and talk to. YL has the power to change lives." -Erin King

"Young Life is my home away from home. It's a place I can come to terms with not only God but myself." -Kaylee Papp

"Young Life is family because every person who walks in the door is welcome and free to be themselves." -Olivia Kegley

"Young Life is a priority because you are learning and strengthening your relationship with God alongside amazing people. And it's fun and you'll actually want to go." -Julia Washburn

"Young Life is worth it because you find the people who show you who you really are." -Cassidy Ogan

"Young Life is worth it because it gives you a break from school and life and allows you to spend time with other people who love Christ." -Allison Sams

"Young Life is home because you are surrounded by so much love and happiness." -Julia Patras

"Young Life is a family because it's a place where I get to see the people I don't see every day. God has blessed all of us with this home where we all feel safe and get to go and be with the people we love." -Anna Cooke

"Young Life is worth it because you're surrounded by people who value and appreciate you. You get to make so many new friends." -Anna Morgan

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