Tuesday, January 3, 2017

"Well... I have 8 cats."

This bracelet might just be the most majestic thing I've ever seen. My jaw dropped when Lauren handed it to me in the hallway this morning at school. Talk about some patience and friendship bracelet skills. 

The first day of second semester is basically like the first day of school for me. All of my classes switch over so I've got 158 brand-new kids walking through my door. But it's better than August because now I know so many of them through FBC, Wyld Life, their friends/siblings or just being a kid who stands out in the hall. This semester is going to be a great one.

Tonight the gang got back together at one of the greatest places on Earth-- Chipotle. Emma, Mags and Hools are some of the greatest and it had been far too long since we were all together last. They're only a few months away from graduation, returning for their 2nd year on Day Camp staff and then setting off on new adventures.

I just finished a special bracelet project for some of my gal pals at the Clubhouse and my pile of friendship bracelet tails has grown to a small mountain. Tonight I worked on braiding them into ropes which counselors will use this summer at Tecumseh for their wooden name tags. How many days away is summer camp?

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