Sunday, January 8, 2017

"I think the Cracker Barrel gang could be Box Car Children 2.0"

I believe that every single day should have a little bit of celebration in it.
I believe that we can choose an attitude of positivity.
I believe that people/friendships/community are the greatest thing we can invest in.
I believe that rest and adventure are both important parts of life.
I believe that being present, being authentic and being intentional are so much more important than being successful, being busy or being popular.
I believe that each and every one of us can live a life of purpose.

This weekend was so good:

Hilarious kids like Ellie and Hey Neighbor who make me so glad I'm a teacher

Parties in an envelope from friends like Brooke who excel at celebrating others and making them feel loved

Downtown adventures in Indy that include trees from space, ravioli, art, putt-putt and coffee

Cracker Barrel breakfasts with the CILT Pack gals from near and far

Celebrating Emily and sending her off to three months of serving at YL's Pico Escondido in the Dominican Republic

In the spirit of Gretchen Rubin's Happier at Home this small transformation of my bookcase made me so happy the rest of the weekend (before and after...)

Church with Hools and Jess-- one of my favorite end of weekend traditions

Planning capers and adventures and love bombs for and with my pals

Tomorrow morning I will inevitably hear people say, "Ugh, it's Monday. I can't wait for the weekend." But what if instead we said, "Yes! It's Monday-- this week is going to be great!"

The things we believe in have the power to shape us, to give the framework to our days, to control how our days turn out. What do you believe in?

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