Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"Ok, bye Smooney!" "Uhhh... she's Smelko."

Friendship bracelets are one of my love languages. I make hundreds every year to give away, but today was my lucky day. First Claire brought me a mountain bracelet replacement (mine disappeared last week-- a straight up tragedy) which had me elated. Then Gabby, one of Varsity's newest members, surprised me with this beautiful woven masterpiece and a note. I feel extra loved. 

After a month away from Indy, the gal is finally back home again in the heartland. Oh, how she has been missed. Her friendship was easily one of my favorite parts of 2016 and I was so happy to be back together. Smelko ate 5 Guys for the very first time tonight-- raging success.

At the HSE Girls' Basketball Senior Night we got to see all the people like Mallory, Lydia and Jessica... my home girl Morgan...

Wilderness gal pals Kaylee and Hools...

Cheer coach extraordinaire Johnna Myers... if only KCraig was here with us too...

But the star of the night was the one and only Olivia Kegley. I've watched Kegs play both basketball and volleyball since she was in 7th grade. In the past 6 years, Kegs is hands down the most encouraging athlete I've ever known. She cares about her own game, but she's more concerned with her whole team. Kegs gives constant support and energy to her teammates. She has made a tremendous impact and left an important legacy. 

The (Party) Room where it happens...
There are two locations that encapsulate CILTs more than anywhere else at Camp T-- the Longhouse and the Party Room. On this #tecumsehtuesday I posted a picture of the Party Room and invited CILTs to share one of their favorite memories that happened in this room. 

-Sherpa Walk
-Making Liz do the shot putt without the ball
-Chanting, "Party Room! Party Room!"

-How there is always a party hat on the party moose
-Writing our Graduation Song
-CILT Speed Dating

-Eating Chipotle in the middle
-Playing, "What's your favorite artifact?"
-Putting specific flies on Sarah
-Always sitting by Sarah at lunch

-First official meeting of all the pals
-Cutting Liz's arm hairs with very large scissors
-Praying before RFAJWD
-The Sherpa Walk

-Final devo-- I love seeing the impact people have on each other
-Life maps
-Playing the noodle game

-Dinner time dance parties
-Just being in that room together
-The chocolate pudding
-Hole in the wall

-Celebrating after RFAJWD
-Theme dinners
-Playing the keyboard as we practiced our graduation song
-Ben's stories

-Night chapel
-Planning our first devotion together
-Making wooden name tags
-Chanting, "Cartwheel! Cartwheel!" at Riley during breakfast

-When we made Beesley do wall sits
-Putting all the tables in one long row for dinner
-Sharing life maps to get to know everyone on a deep level right away
-Sumner applying one paper clip to Tom's backpack every day the first week

-Liz's birthday video
-Prayer devotion-- completely changed my outlook on faith
-Human Barometer
-Ziti sweats!

-4 on a couch
-Cabin breakfasts
-Anything that happened in that room

The Party Room where it happens...

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