Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"I like that I know how to have a good time."

I love seeing people and things evolve. Growth is good. Today I saw answered prayers of growth. 

I don't think I'll forget the afternoon on Wilderness when we were sitting in a circle in the middle of a beautiful valley eating pizza bagels. Alaina told us, "Keep meeting together-- even if only two of you are there. Just keep meeting together." We've done it. Once a week there is an open invitation for the Wilderness gals to come together, read the bible and talk about life. We've never had everyone there, and we probably never will, but this time together is always good. Today I got to be with Kaylee, Hools, Cass and Erin and it was reminiscent of our time together in the mountains.

Since HSE Young Life began over four and a half years ago we've been praying for Wyld Life. At the start we had about three people consistently running WL Club along with any HS kid who felt like showing up. All of last year we would be elated if a single male leader showed up. We were regularly praying for this team.

And God showed up. Tonight there were over 30 leaders at Campaigners. 7 adults who love kids and want to be invested in their lives. 5 college alumni leaders who were eager to be back with this group over their break. 20 current HS Juniors and Seniors who have said, "Yes. I want to invest my time and energy and heart into loving God and loving 7th and 8th graders." This is a picture of God's provision and answered prayers. 

When Wyld Life first started we had a rush of kids from HSE Junior High show up. We piled into a basement gym and had Club together a couple times a month. The kids didn't really know what Wyld Life was, the leaders were figuring out how to make this work but God knew what he was doing all along. Tonight we had kids from all four of the Junior Highs and the leaders are still figuring out how to make this work even better. Once again we piled into a basement gym-- the chaos and hilarity and beauty is still the same. God still knows what he's doing. 

Then we broke into smaller groups and I found myself with my HS party people (Kegs, Hools, Cass and Liz) and a band of 8th grade girls who have become dear friends over the past two years. We talked about our spiritual gifts, the better life of serving God, our unique abilities and experiences and what it means to be a servant. Later that night one of these girls texted me, "Thank you for the talk tonight at Wyld Life. It really meant something to me." God is answering prayers and growing hearts one kid at a time. I'm so thankful I get a front row seat to watch it all happen.

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