Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"Is anyone on a training program? Colleen was on an olive program. I was on an eye shadow wearing program. We all need to be improving ourselves! I love programs."

Tonight was the Annual Reunion of the 6018 Compton St roommates-- Emel and Colleen-- at our official place: Arni's. Lucky for us, tonight just happened to be Colleen's birthday too! That meant we all got salads, everyone went for the 10" pizza and we finished off the night with the Ultimate Cookie Freak Out. It was a party. 

Emel and Colleen were supporters of my friendship bracelet addiction and the "drawer of magic" from the start. It was only fitting that they both got a new friendship bracelet tonight. Hands down, these are two of the most positive, fun, silly and whimsical people I've ever met. Living with them for two years was such a gift. We decided that these annual reunions must become bi-annual at least.

6018 Compton St Roommate Dictionary
Factory: the gym
Factory dollars: money you earn from every mile you run at the factory which you can then use to buy stuff you really want
Lumberjack: the landlord of the apartment
Drawer of magic: desk drawer where all the friendship bracelets used to live
No hands, no feet: What you yell and what you have to do any time someone is trying to make the DVD player work
Playing city: When you walk, instead of drive, to Starbucks or the post office or anywhere else nearby
Clove and Bud: The plants... clover really was a clover, bud was a plant that never bloomed
Curfew: You not only have to be home, but you have to be upstairs no later than 10 on school/work nights
No Pants Wednesday: You can't wear pants on Wednesday... a skirt or dress is acceptable

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