Thursday, January 5, 2017

"I'm not allowed to drive with a blanket. My mom says it's dangerous."

It's yearbook picture time. Clubs got called down to the gym to take their pictures late this afternoon. You better believe that the FBC gals brought props and plenty of spunk for our picture. These girls know how to party. 

We played games almost the entire time-- Backpack Dutch Auction, the Newlywed Game and fetch. (Yep, fetch) I'm so thankful for time to laugh with these girls, to let them be silly, to celebrate creativity. FBC is my favorite.

I met up with the one and only Allison (Stamer) Williams downtown at the Thirsty Scholar late this afternoon. (Have you been to this place? The vibe is off the charts.) Allison and I have been friends for going on 8 years now and I love any moment that we get to spend together. She's one of those people that can go deep instantly, have you laughing for no reason and make you feel 100% validated. She's one of the greats. We live on opposite sides of the city and don't see each other nearly enough but her friendship is so important to me.

The grand finale to the day? Seeing Han, Hools and Mads all at the very same time. Life is good.

The Yolo Collection ft. snow

Honorable Mention Blog Titles:
"I mean of course I'm with you. I'm your person. It's fine."
"Wow. These are so hot I can't believe they didn't melt the snow."

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