Thursday, January 12, 2017

"Hey Neighbor, did you know you're famous?" "...Well...I have 20 Instagram"

Welcome to the land of Junior High where 7th graders socks are always the coolest, boys will wear shorts to school even when it's 10 degrees outside and scrunchies are never going out of style.

KCraig is in Florida taking a class for Young Life this week and she's been sharing some of the things she loves. As a YL leader and camp counselor I'm loving this idea...

This made me stop scrolling today on Instagram. This is your life you're living right now-- are you saying yes to really great things or do you need to take a second look at what you're all about?

Wednesday morning gal pals-- Cass, Al, Erin, Hools and Syd you have my heart. I love being awake at 6:30am with all of you.

When we fill in our outline for 5 Paragraph Essays I use my own friends as examples. Each period I pick a different person to write about as I show my students how to come up with ideas for their rough draft. It makes me happier just thinking about them.

I'm so thankful this year for how fun both the 7th and 8th graders are making FBC. It doesn't always happen that the two grades become such good friends. They're hilarious and creative and kind and I just love 'em.

Here's to hunts for paper clips, singing Brand New together, chanting "FALCON FROST!" as loud as possible and skills so impressive that we've got new additions to Varsity FBC.

A few pen-pal letters ago I must have mentioned to Cassidy that I missed the days when people would make each other burnt CDs of their favorite songs. When campers asked what I wanted in care package in the summer I always requested burnt CDs and hand written letters. Well, Cassidy is speaking my love language today. She figured out how to do it and made me a CD all of her favorite current songs. She's the coolest.

Tonight was the best. Dinner with Brookie and Maddie. Dinner time questions via a kid's meal toy. Stalking Johnna's location and then showing up at the Myer's house. Mall giving her mom her Operation Surprise bracelet. Mallory rocking the pajamas at 6:30pm.

Check out Johnna and her Fan Club. She's kind of a big deal.

I hope today that you love something as much as Maddie loves her puppy. That you'll find a way to surprise someone like Cass speaking my love language. You don't forget that crazy socks are always a good fashion statement. And that you can never go wrong with showing up. 

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"And my middle name is Margarita. Yeah. I know. My parents are dumb."

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