Saturday, January 2, 2016

"Going to bed at 2 and waking up at 9 is not human like!"

 Last summer Haleigh Devoe and I got to finally lead a cabin together at Wyld Life Camp. We lived in Spinnaker with 12 of the greatest girls you'll ever meet. That week will go down in the books as one of my favorites ever.

Maddie's family built a bunk room in their new house and invited us over for a cabin reunion. It was a miracle that even though people are often on vacation during break, all 14 of us were free to reunite. We ate dinner, played a game called Clothespins that I made up, learned Hubba Bubba, made best friend necklaces, wrote love tanks and talked about good questions for the year.

Every single one of us will be going to Timberwolf Lake this upcoming summer and we're pumped about it. Because more of our friends signed up to go with us this year we realize we won't be able to have the exact same cabin again. But maybe years from now we'll still have Spinnaker reunions together. 

We never got to do love tanks at camp and most of these girls didn't come to Campaigners when we did this a few weeks ago. Tonight we all wrote love tanks to each other and it was so cool. I hope to always create a culture where we're intentional about building others up and reminding our friends why they're so lovable. 

Riley Meyer lives in Lafayette but Saturday her basketball battled Zionsville when our girl Maggie Drake cheered-- you know I couldn't miss that. Hools and I sat in the stands making bracelets, laughed with Emma and Maggie and cheered on the sporters.

Hannah Hutchison showed up at Emma's house just in time to see Emma's new bathrobe and for Mags and Hools to make best friend bracelets. I'm thankful for breaks when everyone is home and free to hang out like this. 

I had a dinner date with Fudge and Maddie tonight. Olive Garden was packed so we got Bella Pizza instead and then grabbed ice cream. We couldn't stop listening to One Grain of Sand by Ron Pope and Finest Hour by Gavin Degraw on repeat. These two girls feel like my little sisters and I just never have enough time with them.

Then things got crazy...

I was home working on the blog and watching Netflix when I heard water falling from the bathroom. In a matter of minutes it was pouring out of the air vent and the light fixture. It started running down the wall in my closet, then rushing out of the lights in my kitchen and through the wall where the ceiling and wall meet up in the living room. It was crazy.

It's such a good thing that I was home when the water started pouring in, especially because I've been gone so much lately. If I wasn't here I don't know when they would have realized there was a leak and all the water we caught would have been all over my apartment.

Janelle, Julia's mom, is the greatest and she raced over to help me manage the flood. We took down every piece of art and every picture in the whole place (which if you've ever visited me  you know it's quite the project). Finally the guy showed up to turn of the water upstairs where a pipe had cracked and the apt flooded. The apartment below me had water damage too. Oh holy.

Janelle and I covered everything after it was organized and stacked together. We packed up some clothes, valuables and all of my quilts (the most valuable things). I headed to the Dewolf's to sleepover until we figure out what's going to happen. Feel free to send up some prayers that there will be a speedy fix.

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