Friday, January 22, 2016

"I want the world to be one big place where people always do this. You bring out the nice in everyone, all the time."

 Sometimes I really, really love my friends...

I love Social Experiments and today I tried out a new one on Instagram. I captioned a picture of friendship bracelets, "Social Experiment: tag one of your friends and tell us something they're really great at #compliments." I wasn't sure how many people would comment-- maybe 15 or 20. I hadn't anticipated that everyone who was tagged would come back and look and tag another friend. The picture had 160 comments of people loving, encouraging and supporting one another the last time I checked. That's pretty dang cool. 

Hools and I excel in liking the same things. So it's not surprising that we found ourselves at Chipotle tonight. Other things we love include, but are not limited to, Diet Coke, pizza, friendship bracelets, Young Life, Wyld Life, camp, CILTs, Choctaw, starbucks, Jesus, Patagonia, whimsy, Bob Goff, Shauna Niequist, making art, giving art away, Taylor Freaking Swift, top 10 lists, best friend necklaces, road trips with the shiiii fam, Overlap, FBC, FitBit, Camelbak water bottles with stickers, Northview, braceleting and taking notes during church, dance parties, love, friends of all ages. 

Since we love friends, surprises and adventures we drove just across the road to surprise Ellyn at her house. She was happier than when ceramics clinic gets done firing early and she doesn't have to check the kiln in the middle of the night. Hools got a tour of the Hessong house and I got to wear the Buffalo Queen crown. 

Ellyn in her natural habitat. Isn't this what you would expect her room to look like?

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