Thursday, January 28, 2016

"I wish I had a crush so I could like all his pictures. If he had a Twitter I'd favorite all of them."

Thursdays are for Friendship Bracelet Club in the library after school. It's a huge room so the kids spread out and find their own spot. I hope around to the different groups because I want to spend time with everyone. Today I answered 8th graders questions about DC, we tried to find Sarah's new blog and talked about what you think about while swimming laps so you don't get bored.

One of the things I love about Maddie is that she shows up. She's in HS now but she got a ride over to the Clubhouse to show up at FBC. Then she tagged along to hang out with Megan at coffee. I love that when I told Meg that Maddie would be coming along she said, "Oh yes, she's my lady." Unlikely friendships are some of the best. 

I wish I had learned when I was younger that sometimes regular days are the best ones. Today's just a regular old Thursday but I'm doing things I love with people who matter. Days don't have to be climactic to be awesome.

Tonight the "Book" Club met for the second time at the Craig's house. I'm so thankful we're being intentional about bringing together these YL friends that don't always get to cross paths. Tonight was real, vulnerable, honest, difficult and so beautiful. God is good. He's got us even when we don't see him. "God is honored when we live and believe that he is present and active, even when the evidence of his activity is hard to find." -Andy Stanley

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