Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"I don't know where my other sock is, I just lost it somewhere."

It's pretty exciting that I've got all new students now, but the sad part is not seeing my old kids anymore. Lucky for me, girls like Claire and Brookie still come to visit and tell me their stories. 

Claire gifted me with this friendship bracelet this morning. I'm obsessed. It reminds me of mountains with the sunset behind them--very Wilderness I think. Claire's a professional. 

While KCraig and Steve are away at the YL All Staff Conference in Florida, Hannah Blachly is staying home with Jesse and Alex Craig. That means Han got to come to Wyld Life Leadership and Campaigers tonight. I couldn't be happier about that. We got to lead a small group together which was just the best.

After not meeting for Campaigners since early December, it was so good to be back together again. I love greeting the kids at the front door as they arrive. Today some of my new students walked through the door and I was so excited to know their names. Then everybody hangs out in the basement until we officially start.

What I've always loved about Wyld Life is that everybody's in. Our HS leaders have been doing an exceptional job of getting to know and growing friendships with our Junior High kids.

Our small group room was beyond hyper tonight. Shauna Niequist writes in Pupppies, a chapter about leading a group of HS girls, something like, "I would come up with a lesson about Jesus and then they would want to spend the whole time talking about tampons." If Shauna Niequist struggles with keeping kids on task too then I can feel ok about tonight. 

But even if we're off task half the time some things are always true. We're planting seeds of truth. Girls know they're heard here. Each person knows they are loved. We are building a community where everyone belongs. 

I've got to tell you one of the very best moments of the whole night was seeing this collection of guys. From the start, it's always been more difficult to get guys to Wyld Life and to find guys to be Wyld Life leaders. But tonight we not only had Connor Bradley, plus four HS guys (Ben, Jacob, Jake and Zach), but we were also visited by three of our old leaders (Max, Brock and Jacob) who are now in college. Having all of them together is a beautiful, awesome thing.

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