Sunday, January 24, 2016

"I throw my bracelet ends into the trash to make it more colorful. I have a stockpile of 1 right now. I keep my ONE very organized."

I returned to the Ice Tree today. Last year I visited for the first time with Liz, Hools and Han after I saw a friend visit on Instagram.  Not too far away, 11333 Southeastern Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46259, the Ice Tree is a yearly project by the Veal family that's been happening since 1961.

There's no tree under all of that ice, just a base of lumber and fall tree branches. They pump water from the pond in their backyard and then add food coloring as the Ice Tree grows. Every year the tree looks different than the year before but it's always spectacular. If you live in the Indy area you should make the trip to check it out. Maddie, Cecilia, Hope and I had fun seeing the Ice Tree in all it's rainbow glory.

A few weeks ago I saw that Jen Hatmaker, one of my favorite authors, had release a bible study for teenage girls called Brave Girl. I started watching some of the sessions with Janelle after school and just knew that I had to pull together a group of girls to do this 5 week study with. I was called to invite a collection of friends that included some YL regulars and some friends that don't show up to those events. Tonight we met for the very first time and it was just so awesome.

Be brave enough to be on the outside who you are on the inside.

You are made uniquely-- God made you special and planned every little shiny detail about you. There's so much value in just being you.

There's room at the table for you just as you are. It's mercifully wide. Let's be brave and courageous enough to pull up more seats and build a bigger table for each other. 

Be exactly who you are and don't do 1 thing out of your character. Be who you are no so you can thrive later.

Do you know what's beautiful? Kindness is beautiful. Authenticity is beautiful. Generosity, loving attitudes to others, confidence, someone pressing into her unique identity.

God specifically knit together your charms, beauty, gifts, humor, intelligence, dreams and goals so specifically.

We're told to trust and believe in the bible 237 times. Let's trust and believe what he says about us. Trust him when he says you matter. You are beautiful. I love you. I value you. You have a place in the kingdom, a place in this world exactly as you are. We either believe him or not-- it's just that simple.

Embrace your beauty and how you're made. We're going to say no to culture and yes to how God made us and formed us. We are going to believe in Him. 

Jen Hatmaker Brave Girl: Session 1

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