Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"We hit that ending high note like Babe Ruth hit a baseball."

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a little bit crazy for teaching Junior High. But the craziness is what I love most about these kids and this culture. Today I died when two girls who are students/campers/wyld lifers/fbc girls wrote their own song on the bus about English Comp, FBC, me and school. I love their creativity and silliness. 

Tonight I got to go on a walk with my friend Emily and then we hung out at our friend Rachel's house. I worked with both of them in my earlier days of being a counselor and I'm so thankful we've stayed a part of each other's lives since then. We finally planned the first Indy Camp Girl get together and I can't wait to host with them. 

Some great food for thought today:

BC Serna, "If everything you did everyday was being written in a book, from your actions, your friends, your daily work, your free time, your conversations and so on was being written, and across the planet a person was reading each page moment by moment to a group of individuals, what do you think they would hear, what do you think they would think of you, what do you think they'd say you stand for and believe? Today I hope you're standing, living and breathing for something great. Today I wish you confidence, peace, laughter and love for the way we live our day is the way which we live our life. Live with intention. Give them something good to read."

Glennon Doyle Melton, "What if the reason we quit doing the creative work we were meant to do is because we are doing more jobs than we actually have? Listen: You have enough energy to do your work. You just don't have enough energy to do... not your work. The rhythm to the creative life is: Create! Call it good! Rest! Haters gonna hate. Creators gonna create. Let the haters do their job. You do yours, call it good and rest."

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