Sunday, January 10, 2016

"If someone stole your quilts we'd put up Wanted signs. One of my biggest fears is someone stealing Mo and Jo or them being in a fire and dying. They're not insured!!! Neither are your quilts-- hence why they're so valuable."

Highs of the weekend:

-Mass production of friendship bracelets
-Finishing Dumplin' by Julie Murphy
-Watching the Fishers Fusion dance teams perform their showcase (Junior High, JV and Varsity teams)
-Dinner date with Hools
-Watching "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" with Katy P and Hools

-Sleeping in so dang late-- it was glorious
-Watching Kegley and the girls basketball team win on Saturday afternoon
-Hanging out with Han on her last full day in Fishers
-Dinner with Megan Cook and exposing her to Pei Wei

-Finally getting back to Northview and being there with Allison, Han and Julia
-A little more time with Han before she headed back to Bama
-Taking down Christmas decorations with the Dewolfs-- I genuinely love packing and organizing
-Watching "Captive" with the Halkyard fam
-Having dinner with Mel and Maddie and just loving being with them

-3 more sleepovers at the Dewolf's house and knowing that I can move back home soon
-the Shiiii, "This is why we can't have nice things," watching Jack laugh to Joey on Friends, pics from Janelle and Julia's photo shoot and Lucy's stories

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