Thursday, January 21, 2016

"So insignia is like those girls with FBC on their shirts?"

FBC took our picture for the yearbook after school today. Most of the girls wore their FBC shirts to school and brought along their best friend necklaces for the picture too. The largest club in school 7 years running, we were ready for this. Because of after school sports and activities we never get to have everyone here at the same time, but we had a solid turn out today. 

After we took the large group picture I said, "Here's what I would love-- take turns with the FBC letters and take pictures with your friends and then just fill Instagram." This past week girls at IU and Butler both got bids for their new sororities. My timeline has been filled with Pi Phi, Theta, Chi O and Kappa. Today we filled up that timeline with the FBC sorority.

Getting to hang out with girls like Grace, Hannah, Emily, Jayla, Kenzie, Lauren, Sydney and Grace after school is always worth it. As a 7th grade teacher I love still getting time with the 8th graders once a week. I get to hang out with the new generation of kids like Maddie, Brooke, Kylie, Ellison, McKenna and Evie. FBC is the greatest use of my time on a Thursday afternoon.

Do you know what's even more exciting? Thinking about what all of these girls will do one day with their creativity, enthusiasm and big ideas. If I created FBC, just think about all the things they'll be able to pull off one day.

Rachel Phillips and Chloe Green are two phenomenal humans. They love God and love people in a big way and are willing to say yes when they're called to do something crazy. For Rachel, that means going to Ethiopia over Spring Break with Young Life and then going to Israel, Poland and Slovakia this summer. Next year Chloe will be going to Germany, Malaysia, Zambia and India with the World Race. They're both in the midst of fundraising to make those audacious dreams come true.

Tonight they hosted a Dine and Donate night at Chik Fil A where 15% of people's proceeds went to them. It was a freaking party of waffle fries, YL friends, chicken nuggets, Wyld Life kids, milkshakes, families and more. I ended up hanging out for hours, talking with so many different friends that showed up. I love being part of a family that loves and supports each other by being present and happily wearing cow hats.

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