Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"The Bakers wanted me to tell you that their names are actually Medina and Barbertha. Wait no, their names are Betty and Sue."

In the middle of 3rd period today there was a knock on the door. Normally it would be an office aid or a kid arriving late to class, but it was KCraig who walked through the door. It's been well over two weeks since we've seen each other as she's been away in FL for the All Staff Conference and then for New Staff Training. KCraig is my person oh goodness have I missed her. We both screamed and hugged in the middle of my room and my students were thoroughly confused. It was awesome. 

Back in December Maddie came with me to the December Quilt Camp to help with the Hot Chocolate Club. She decided that she wanted to make a quilt of her own so we've been plotting with our mothers ever since. Today was the day we drove down to Crimson Tate on Mass Ave to pick out all of her fabrics. We won't actually be making it till April but we're very excited about it. I told Maddie that looking at her stack of fabric is like looking at a pile of friendship bracelet string and just knowing the great potential it holds--this is going to be one huge, gorgeous quilt when we're finished.

One step of moving back into my apartment was counting up all the friendship bracelets I've finished since Christmas. I'm well over the number I need for my summer stockpile which means we've now entered the best part of the year--it's time to give them away! Instead of saving them all, now I carry a ring of bracelets around with me and hand them out to friends. 

This past weekend at Ava's birthday party she got to look through the ring and pick out her favorite. Today at Crimson Tate I let Maddie's mom Mel and then Heather and David, who run Crimson Tate, pick out whichever one they loved the most. Sometimes I'm shocked by which one they pick which makes me so glad that they're the one picking it instead of me making the decision for them. 

I made it back to HSE in time for the HS swim meet against Zionsville to see Julia Plant and Will Ziegert swim. They're two of the greatest DC counselors at Tecumseh and I love when we end up crossing paths. There are so many rock stars of the HSE team-- Anna, Rachel, Sophia, Victoria, Lucy, Olivia and Caroline. The younger kids of the Southeastern Swim Club were there because of Senior night so I got to see some of my students and camp kids too.

I hit up one more sport before the night was over-- 7th grade girls basketball back at the Clubhouse. Because my school is smaller now and I teach 12 of 16 sections of 7th grade English Comp that means I have almost every kid as a student. So when I show up to sporting events like this I know every single basketball player and cheerleader. It's pretty awesome. #sports

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