Saturday, January 30, 2016

"If that crew hung out we would burn down a building it would be so much fun. When I think of lots of fun I think of burning things."

A couple weeks ago I went fabric shopping with Maddie and Mel for phase 1 of their quilting project. Maddie asked me to help her make art for her bedroom walls so this weekend got busy. Friday we went shopping for supplies, painted the canvases and letters and Maddie modge podged her giant canvas. 

Saturday morning we met back up to finish all of our crafts. I did the lettering on the canvases while Maddie modge podged the letters with string and hole punch dots to give them more pizazz.

Love, love, love. I'm so proud of this collection but the best part was working with Maddie to get it all done. She was beaming as she worked and I'm so glad she'll be surrounded by these words every day.

The most impressive part was that when we showed up with all of the art, her parents immediately sprung into action to hang it all up. Now her walls have plenty of personality and fun. We just have to wait patiently for the quilt to complete the whole room.

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