Sunday, January 3, 2016

"How about we turn this bad day into a good day?"

The last day of Winter Break was not quite what I had expected. We watched church online, went to lunch with Han and then sat in the hallway of the apartment (because it was a toasty 91 degrees inside) waiting for the ATT guy to come. With friendship bracelet string and unlimited Diet Coke we were set. Three hours later new wifi had been installed, more things (like my favorite books) were stowed away in cabinets and we could leave.

Little did we know that we'd end up hanging out with our pal Brookie tonight. Then we realized this is the 3rd year that the 3 of us have hung out on January 3rd. Pretty great tradition. We don't see this friend nearly enough, but when we do we soak up all of her silliness and fun.

Hools and I both ordered picture prints online when we got home and then got back to the friendship braceleting. Lucky for us, Janelle wanted to watch movies with us so she and I quoted Pretty Woman while Hools watched it for the very first time. Day 2 of the Dewolf stay was grand. Perhaps we'll find out soon how long this little sleepover is going to last. 

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