Monday, January 18, 2016

"I always get confused between bipolar and albino."

Sunday afternoon I finally got to give Meg her birthday present. It had been buried in the flood archaeological dig but it was recently uncovered. I freaking love Megan Cook. We picked up my girl Elyse Dawley and we were off to Park Tudor to support our friends from G Scotten Dance.

Usually I would go to a competition to see the girls perform and see them do a few of their dances in-between watching people from other studios perform. This on stage rehearsal was the greatest because we got to see all of G Scotten's dances one right after the other. Reese, Maddie and Hannah, the three best friends, are ridiculously talented and I loved watching them live out their passion. They're in 9 different dances and I can't even explain how impressed I am with their talent and ability to memorize all of those dances and never mess up. Blake, Kate, Abi and Victoria were all beyond fantastic.

Sunday night I got to go to Julia's birthday party-- a collection of almost all of her favorite people. I'm the luckiest I think because these girls also all happen to be some of my favorite people. I was thrilled to hang out with Maddie, Meg, Anne, Hannah, Hools, Genna, Alana, Brookie, Al, Kegley, Kara, Kaylee and Chloe all at the same time. We made pizzas, hid clothespins, laughed a lot, told stories, talked about life questions and stayed up way too late.

Some of these girls like Hools and Maddie I get to see all the time, but it was so great to get to hang out with friends like Kaylee and Brooke that mean so much to me but I don't see regularly. Later Arielle said, "I think it's so cool that you get to be part of all of that with those girls. Julia says, 'Yep, you're one of my best friends so of course you'll come to my birthday.'"

I had the day off of school today and Arie got a half day from work so we had a lunch date up in Fishers. She finally got to see my apt and I took her to Pure Eatery. Arie is my longest friend, from riding the bus together in elementary school, and I'm so thankful that we can keep sharing the stuff that really matters with each other.

Because there was no school, we didn't have regular YL tonight. Instead, Ryan and Lauren invited all of the leaders over to their house for a taco bar and game night. Gosh, we really, really love this team of YL leaders that have become our own little family. I love getting to be part of this.

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"I don't even know what direct deposit is but that sounds like a good thing."
"I'm at work, but no one else is. So I might actually have MLK day off too. I'm waiting until noon to see if anyone shows up."

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