Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"I used to brush my hair 300 times a day because it's really good for it. And now I just do it for 20 minutes because it was a waste of time."

Did you know that the 8th Grade Washington DC trip is just two and a half weeks away? That's so soon. I'm so excited for: traveling with 200 8th graders in the airport, getting to know our bus driver, the Newseum for the first time, the monument tour, hotel dance party, hanging out with Hodgin, Beesley and the rest of Bus Luke, rooming with Richter, finding the next ugliest DC sweatshirt.

If I woke up tomorrow and found myself as an HSE student instead of a teacher, this is one of the groups of girls I'd want to be friends with. Lexi, Caroline, Lucy, Emma, Liz, Linnea and Kaylee are such fantastic humans. They're funny without being mean, supportive of one another, encouraging and kind, silly and real, genuine and authentic. I don't get to see them all as much as I'd like too, but tonight was a blast. I'm thrilled that they're all going to Timber Wolf this coming summer.

10  Random People I Wish Could Gather For A #TecumsehTuesday Reunion:
1. Sarah Fitzpatrick
2. Sarah Mooney
3. Michael Kraft
4. Maggie Shadid
5. Ellyn Hessong
6. Alex Allison
7. Annie Fazzio
8. Erin O'Awesome
9. Emily Dignan
10. Carolyn Kata

Brookie is the greatest-- today she showed up with this congratulatory sign for my friendship bracelet progress. She's such a cheerleader. At this point I'm throwing out bracelets like confetti.

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