Thursday, January 14, 2016

"Wait, no way, he actually called her his future wife?!"

I was telling my class stories the other day about when I was in middle school. I remember being part of the daily announcements news crew. I remember our field trips to Camp Tecumseh and Turkey Run. I remember being best friends with Courtney and Taylor. I remember being in cross country, swimming and track. But I would have loved to have a club like FBC. 

Against all odds and 6 years of history, this many boys are still showing up to FBC every week. I'm not sure why they haven't quit yet but they sure are entertaining.

I'm thankful for the girls that show up for other schools, the crew of different friend groups that always sits together, getting steps while friendship braceleting and an hour to pretend we're in friendship bracelet clinic.

After 12 days, all of the workers have finished their repairs and I can finally move back in to the apartment. The night of the flood we had to dump everything in quite the frenzy. My room has become a heap, an archaeological dig of my life. For someone like me that loves organization, this is a nightmare. But don't worry, I can handle it.

I showed up to find that the last workers had moved most of my furniture back to the right spots which was helpful. Luckily I had help from Maddie, Jack and Lucy. We got busy and in just two hours everything (except for the walls) was right back where it belonged again.





The walls, my favorite part of my apartment, will take a long time to recreate but it'll be worth it. I'm thankful for a dry home, for the Dewolf's hospitality, for friends who will fix bookcases, perfectly fold shirts and organize my Patagonias and friendship bracelet string by color.

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